Alabama Dry Ice Blasting

Alabama Dry Ice BlastingNamed after the Alabama River and an original indigenous Native American tribe of the region, Alabama was the first state in the nation to declare Christmas as a legal holiday. It has the longest and most-amended state constitution in the entire world, and is home to the largest cast iron statue in the world—the Vulcan—which is 56 feet tall! It is the home of the Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA’s R&D facility that built the very first rocket to land humans on the moon. It is a forward-looking state that demands top-of-the-line technology and high end services. That’s why when industrial cleaning is needed, Alabama dry ice blasting services are performed by Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta.

Dry Ice Blasting in Alabama

Dry ice blasting is approved by the EPA, FDA and USDA as a safe, efficient, clean and green means of performing industrial cleaning services. Alabama dry ice blasting is completed using food-grade dry ice which is non-toxic and creates zero secondary waste. It can be used for everything from plastics and car parts to industrial equipment that needs to be clear of grime and debris to run smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of the Process

Dry ice blasting your Alabama equipment will extend its life and help it to work at peak performance levels for many years. It can reduce and eliminate the need for costly repairs, downtime and early replacement.

There’s little to no potential to damage existing equipment, as there’s no need to break anything down to use dry ice cleaning. The process involves projecting particles of dry ice (solid CO2) at supersonic speeds to blast away debris. It is fast, efficient and non-abrasive.

In-Call and Out-Call Services

We offer specialized professional dry ice blasting that can be performed in-house at our facility with 24-hour turnaround and both photo and video documentation, or at your facility. We offer a full range of dry ice machines, equipment and capabilities, and our staff are fully-trained and certified experts in what they do. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • * Plastics
  • * Preservation
  • * Fire and mold restoration
  • * Industrial equipment
  • * Food processing
  • * Automotive
  • * Textiles
  • * Power plants

The next time your Alabama business is in need of expert professional industrial cleaning services, consider dry ice blasting, and turn to the best in the business: the professionals at Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta. For more information, contact us today.

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