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Not only is the dry ice blasting process clean and safe, it also leaves no carbon footprint. Dry ice is obtained as a byproduct of other industrial processes made from reclaimed CO2.

It does not produce CO2 or add CO2 to the atmosphere and therefore does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Traditional cleaning methods contribute thousands of tons of toxic secondary waste to our landfills each year. Dry ice blasting eliminates the secondary waste by simply disappearing upon impact.

Dry ice blasting is absolutely environmentally friendly!

State-of-the-Art Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

dry ice blasting equipment

How does our dry ice blasting equipment work? Our dry ice cleaning system is incredibly effective, and we'll tell you why.

When we clean your application, the frigid temperature of the dry ice pellets (-78.5°C or -109.3°F) is blasted at a high velocity through a blasting nozzle, using compressed air that hits the surface of the material. This causes a micro-thermal shock between the surface contaminate and the substrate. The substrate, which is warmer, causes the dry ice to convert back into a harmless CO2 gas. The gas expands to nearly 800 times the volume of the original pellet and the surface contaminate is lifted by the CO2 from behind, falling away from the surface. Since the dry ice has now evaporated (CO2 gas), the only clean up that remains with our highly-effective dry ice cleaning solutions is the contaminate, which can easily be swept away!

Have more questions about our dry ice cleaning equipment? Call 770.428.7493 or email to learn how our dry ice cleaning system can benefit your application.

Cold Jet Dry Ice Cleaning System

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta uses exclusively Cold Jet dry ice cleaning systems. Cold Jet developed the single-hose technology, dry ice blasting equipment that uses a single hose to deliver air blasts and dry ice. A two-hose system, which runs one hose for compressed air and the other to the feeder with dry ice, generally delivers the dry ice pellets with less force and has some limitations on vertical distance between the machine and applicator. Single-hose system aggression is also ideal for removing heavier build-up or for dry ice cleaning at a vertical elevation where the machine is at a lower level than the blasting surface.

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta also uses Cold Jet's Application Specific Nozzle Technology, which allows for targeted and precise nozzle control and configuration for different blasting situations. Nozzle technology and specific dry ice cleaning equipment tools enable us to efficiently meet your cleaning challenges.

All of our technicians are experienced dry ice blasting equipment operators who are trained by Cold Jet in the dry ice blasting process. Contact our industrial equipment cleaning company and schedule an appointment with our experienced operators!

Dry Ice Blasting is Clean, Safe and Environmentally Friendly!

Our dry ice blasting equipment and services have a variety of attributes that make this cleaning method so attractive to a number of industries, including:

  • Approved cleaning medium by the EPA, USDA & FDA
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous
  • Inhibits mold and bacteria growth
  • Effectively used in AIB and GFSI inspected/certified facilities
  • Safe to use with food processing equipment
  • Does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere
  • Does not generate secondary waste
  • Reduces or eliminates exposure to (and corporate liability from) the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents and solvents

Watch Dry Ice Blasting In Progress

Press play to watch our dry ice blasting video below. Want to learn more about our dry ice cleaning solutions? Call 770.428.7493 and we'll tell you if you qualify for a free demonstration. Our experts will tell you everything you need to know about our dry ice cleaning equipment and processes, and we'll walk you through an informative demonstration.

Customer Service & Support

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta wants to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Call or email us with any inquiries about our dry ice blasting equipment or our dry ice cleaning system, and we'll respond within only eight hours of submission. We currently service areas in the southeast, including Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Not sure if dry ice blasting is the right fit for your company? Call us now to see if you qualify for a free demonstration. If so, we'll send our team of experts to show you what dry ice blasting can do for your industry.



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