About Our Atlanta-Based Dry Ice
Cleaning Services

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta is dedicated to bringing our clients a fast, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, technology driven solution to the most difficult cleaning challenges. We make safety and health our number one priority and we are committed to meet or exceed the highest standards for the protection of our staff and our clients.

At Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta, we take extreme precautions to insure the safe, efficient and proper clean up for disposal of any residues from the blasting process. We have fully trained and certified technicians that can meet the most stringent regulations.

Offering solutions to difficult cleaning problems is what we do. This is what inspires us to continue to invest in the future growth of our company. This investment is not only in specialized tools and equipment, but also in safety training, job skills training and supervisory skills training.

Our goal is to improve a facility’s operating efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Operations Manager

John Hutcherson

John Hutcherson has spent the last eight years with Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta, an industrial cleaning company where he serves as the Operations Manager. The company, which serves clients in a variety of industries, such as automobile manufacturing, food processing and power generation, provides advanced CO2 cleaning technology that can effectively clean industrial equipment without producing secondary waste, toxic residue or surface damage. John, who attended Wesley College in Delaware, oversees various operations to make certain that the company’s clients, who hail from states across the Southeastern U.S., are satisfied with their dry ice blasting services and overall customer service experience. If you’d like to learn more about John, his role at Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta, and how non-toxic, cryogenic cleaning technology can provide a superior clean for industrial equipment, visit https://www.dryiceblastingofatlanta.com/

Call us today for more information at or email at johnh@dryiceblastingofatlanta.com

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