Dry Ice Blasting: More Effective Than Soda Blasting

No matter what type of surface or equipment you need to clean, Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta’s advanced CO2 technology offers benefits that far outweigh those provided by other industrial cleaning solutions, like soda blasting. While both of these cleaning technologies can extend the lifecycle of equipment by removing contaminants, dry ice blasting provides a superior clean, resulting in extended cleaning cycles, decreased labor costs and reduced downtime in the future.

Soda blasting works by propelling a harsh baking soda mixture onto the surface – with dry ice blasting, solid CO2 pellets are sent at supersonic speeds to the surface, where they evaporate and gently lift contaminants away. Unlike soda blasting materials, our dry ice technology can be safely used on even the most delicate of equipment, producing no damage and no secondary waste.

Comparing Industrial Cleaning Solutions: Soda vs. Dry Ice

Many industrial cleaning solutions are available on the market today, but it’s important to know the advantages of each before deciding which technology should be used on your equipment. Some may assume that soda blasting and dry ice blasting yield similar results – in reality, dry ice blasting technology is safer, more efficient and can remove even the toughest of contaminants without the need for disassembly of equipment.

Soda blasting materials create secondary waste that can adhere to porous surfaces and requires cleanup that can double the downtime needed to complete the cleaning process. In addition, soda blasting and other similar industrial cleaning solutions are abrasive and potentially toxic, releasing fugitive dust clouds that can produce wear on neighboring equipment and parts.

While soda blasting materials can be toxic, harsh and more time-consuming to dispose of, dry ice blasting technology delivers better results in a non-abrasive, non-conductive, eco-friendly cleaning process that’s approved by the EPA, USDA and FDA. Blasting with CO2 pellets ensures that equipment will be thoroughly cleaned, even in tight cavities and spaces, without having to endure any damage and without the need for excess cleanup.

A number of diverse industries, including food processingplastics manufacturing and more, can benefit from our industrial cleaning solutions. To learn more about why our dry ice blasting services are more convenient and cost-effective than soda blasting, contact us online or call our team at 770.428.7493.

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Cleaning Technology No Secondary Cleanup Safe on Electrical Equipment Non-Abrasive Non-toxic Eco-Friendly Level of Effectiveness
Dry Ice Blasting X X X X X Excellent
Soda Blasting X Good
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