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If your industry is not listed, please give us call to see if we can help! There are numerous applications for the dry ice blasting process and Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta would love to work with you to see if we can help overcome your cleaning challenge.

Generator Cleaning with Less Outage Time

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta provides generator cleaning for power generation professionals who need to maintain and clean electrical equipment to achieve peak performance. Our dry ice blasting services will provide you with a non-conductive, environmentally-friendly cleaning process that can clean equipment in-place, without disassembly or relocation, which reduces the danger of moving heavy equipment to another area.

Dry ice cleaning services propel particles of CO2 at supersonic speeds, and the particles sublimate upon impact, cleaning the surface by lifting contaminants and dirt off of the substrate without creating secondary waste. Additionally, our generator cleaning services use non-abrasive CO2 that will not damage, scratch or etch the surface of your equipment – even the most delicate circuit boards.

Our dry ice cleaning services can clean motors, generators and electronics while reducing labor-consuming scrapping, the possibility of insulation damage from tools during cleaning and drying time from chemical solvents or water. Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta’s generator cleaning solutions have been used successfully in maintaining the following power generation equipment:

  • Switch gears
  • Turbines
  • Windings
  • Transformers
  • Substations
  • Line insulators
  • Compressors and generators
  • AC/DC motors
  • Circuit breakers
  • Rotors
  • Stators
  • Field frames

Added benefits of our generator cleaning solutions include:

  • Eliminated or reduced power interruptions to customers
  • Improved system reliability
  • Switching not required, improving overall safety
  • Cleaning can be performed anytime of the year
  • Improved megohm readings
  • Increased polarization indices
  • Reduces outage time for cleaning by 65%
  • Improved thermal dissipation
  • Environmentally-responsible cleaning method

Call 770.428.7493 or email to learn why our dry ice generator cleaning services are ideal for your application. Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta currently provides dry ice blasting services to clients in the southeast, including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Turbine Blasting Services

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta’s turbine blasting services are gentle, yet powerful enough to clean turbines. The turbine blades range in progressive sizes and are cleaned by our experienced dry ice blasting contractors to ensure that our turbine cleaning services are the best fit for your application. Dry ice blasting services can clean built-up deposits and other foreign matter without damaging or distorting the blades.

We can clean turbines in-place, without damage to cables and insulation, and we do not use explosive solvents. Contact our industrial cleaning company to make an appointment for non-toxic, non-conductive turbine blasting services.








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