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If your industry is not listed, please give us call to see if we can help! There are numerous applications for the dry ice blasting process and Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta would love to work with you to see if we can help overcome your cleaning challenge.

Professional Turbine Cleaning Services

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta offers professional dry ice contract cleaning services performed at your facility. We provide a full range of dry ice blasting machines and capabilities to accommodate any size of job. We provide dry ice blasting equipment, compressed air supply, pellet-sized dry ice and our team of trained and certified experienced operators to perform professional cleaning services at your location. Our mobile industrial cleaning operations can be performed on location within 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on your requirements.

Dry ice blasting, or CO2 blast cleaning, offers a safe, effective and fast way to complete maintenance of electric power generation equipment. Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta has completed cleaning projects for many power generation applications, including generators, turbines, stators, rotors and compressors. When incorporated into a regular maintenance schedule, dry ice blasting will reduce the chance of catastrophic failure, improve megohm readings, increase polarization indices and improve thermal dissipation.

Non-Conductive, Non-Abrasive Turbine Generator Maintenance

The dry ice blasting process is non-conductive and environmentally-responsible when compared to other traditional cleaning methods. Turbine rotor, casing and diaphragm part cleaning utilizing dry ice blasting is one of the most effective means of removing loose surface contaminants such as oil, grease and loose surface rust. Traditional cleaning of these parts utilizes walnut shell, sand, grit or aluminum oxide abrasive blasting. With these types of blasting, containment enclosures for media containment are required to be constructed and ventilation for the dust suppression is required. Most clean-ups with dry ice blasting only consist of vacuuming the area blasted and areas around the unit.

The dry ice blasting process is non-abrasive and will not profile metal. It will clean even in tight angles, allowing the equipment to be cleaned in-place. What's more, with the use of dry ice blasting, the lower turbine casing and all of the upper-casing, diaphragm parts and rotors can be cleaned in-place.

With dry ice blasting, there is no secondary waste generated and clean-up time is minimal, which results in time and money savings for our customers. Outage time as a result of cleaning can be reduced by up to 75%. In addition, dry ice blasting of many turbine rotors can be completed in a day. Because the amount of time to clean is reduced significantly, the cost of cleaning is far less.








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