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Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta is dedicated to bringing our clients a fast, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, technology-driven solution to the most difficult cleaning challenges. We make safety and health our number one priority and we are committed to meet or exceed the highest standards for the protection of our clients and our team.

At Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta, we take extreme precautions to ensure the safe, efficient and proper clean- up for disposal of any residues from the blasting process. We have fully trained, certified technicians that have thousands of hours of nozzle time and can meet the most stringent regulations.

Offering solutions to difficult cleaning problems is what we do. This is what inspires us to continue to invest in the future growth of our company.  This investment is not only in specialized tools and equipment, but also in safety training, job skills training and supervisory skills training.

Our ultimate goal is to improve a facility's operating efficiency and reduce overall maintenance costs.

  • Dry ice blasting of Atlanta is the largest dry ice blasting company in Southeast based on dry ice purchases.
  • On average Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta blasts over 1,000,000 pounds of dry ice per year
  • Hundreds of jobs completed over the last 10 years.
  • Ability to mobilize throughout the United States and overseas.

What sets us apart from other dry ice blasting companies is our equipment. We use the latest state-of-the-art single hose blasting units on the market today. Utilizing a single hose system in comparison to older double hose system allows for :

  • A better selection of nozzles which enables better cleaning results.
  • With a single hose system the rate the ice travels through the hose is 900 feet per second which results in better cleaning.  When using a single hose system, you are not limited by hose length but with a dual hose system the further you are away from the unit your production slows because the volume of ice coming out the nozzle is severely compromised.

What this means is that with better technology you see better results using consumables which are better for the environment. Our machines are meticulously maintained and always ready for the next job!

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