Commercial Dry Ice Cleaning for Foundries

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta provides commercial blast cleaning services for foundries to improve cleaning time and reduce damage to equipment. Our heavy industrial equipment cleaning services propel solid CO2 pellets at supersonic speeds to clean surfaces without using toxic chemicals. This means that our dry ice blasting services can remove contaminants without creating harmful secondary waste, minimizing clean-up.

Additional benefits of our blast cleaning solutions include:

    • Cleaning without disassembly


    • Completely cleans molds without damage


    • Reduces hourly costs for cleaning


    • Non-abrasive, no damage to tooling


    • Environmentally-responsible


    • Delivers superior as-cast finish


Find out more about our safe, fast, USDA, FDA and EPA-approved heavy equipment cleaning services. Call 770.428.7493 or email to find out more about how our commercial blast cleaning services can safely clean your application. We provide dry ice cleaning services to clients across the U.S. and overseas

Fast, Effective Heavy Equipment Cleaning Solutions

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta's heavy equipment cleaning services can prolong the life of your equipment, as our technicians use non-abrasive CO2 to clean surfaces, which will allow your machinery to maintain its integrity. Commercial blast cleaning will not change the structure of your equipment's surface, and we do not require disassembly or relocation before cleaning, which will reduce downtime and the risk of damage.

Our dry ice blast cleaning services can be used on a multitude of equipment, including:

    • Core boxes


    • Permanent molds


    • Electrical equipment


    • Tooling and machinery


Call 770.428.7493 to learn why dry ice blasting is the safest, efficient and cost-effective cleaning solution for your application.

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