Printing Press Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta provides printing press cleaning for all types of presses: flexography, gravure, offset and web-fed. Heavy machinery cleaning is designed to remove the build-up of ink, grease, paper dust, spray powders, oil and other built-up coatings which can cause alignment problems and high scrap rates. If these coatings are not removed, vent slots may be clogged, and material build-up on other components can result in reduced print speed.

Our dry ice cleaning services are fast, cost-effective and non-toxic. Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta's trained technicians blast solid CO2 particles at the surface of your equipment, and these particles sublimate on impact, cleaning the printing press by lifting built-up coatings, dirt and other contaminants off the underlying substrate.

Traditional heavy machinery cleaning methods, including scraping and wiping with chemical solvents, are usually delayed as long as possible to avoid lengthy production downtime. However, our printing press cleaning services are able to effectively clean your machinery in a fraction of the time - safely, efficiently and with very little downtime.

Additional benefits of our heavy machinery cleaning services include:

    • Eliminates manual scraping and the use of harmful solvents


    • No secondary waste


    • Reduces low-quality printing


    • Thoroughly cleans rollers, gears, guides and chains


    • Increases the lifetime for components and parts (fans, motors, chains and gripper bars)


    • Non-abrasive process


    • Decreased scrap/make-ready


    • Reduces labor costs


    • Reduces overall cleaning time by up to 80%


Don't waste precious time - our printing press cleaning solutions are fast, effective and safe. Call 770.428.7493 or email to find out more about the benefits of cleaning a printing press with dry ice blasting.

Heavy Machinery Cleaning Without Disassembly

Unlike other traditional cleaning methods, Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta does not require disassembly to perform heavy machinery cleaning; instead, our dry ice printing press cleaning services are designed to clean installed and in-place equipment.

Because our non-toxic, non-abrasive dry ice blasting services do not require the use of chemicals, we do not create harmful secondary waste. Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta's printing press cleaning solutions are environmentally-responsible and are safe to use around people, animals and plants.

Call us at 770.428.7493 to learn more about Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta's printing press cleaning services. With offices in Georgia, Michigan and Texas we are able to provide dry ice cleaning services to clients across the U.S. and overseas.

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