How Dry Ice Blasting Is Cleaning Up America

When it comes to industrial cleaning needs, many options are available. From glass bead blasting to hydroblasting, from walnut shell to soda blasting, there are options available to tackle just about every cleaning need you could have. One of the best, most versatile and environmentally friendly means of cleaning your parts and equipment is dry ice blasting. Learn the many uses of dry ice blasting, why it is an ideal solution for a variety of industries and why it is cleaning up America.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting uses particles of dry ice, or solid carbon dioxide, projected at supersonic speeds to blast dirt, grime and debris from a variety of parts, equipment and surfaces. The process is completely non-toxic and safe, and is environmentally friendly. Carbon dioxide is a naturally-occurring compound and its use produces absolutely no secondary waste. The process is also exceptionally safe and non-abrasive.

A Variety of Industries

This form of cleaning has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, the FDA and the USDA. That means it is even safe for use in the foodservice industry! Solid CO2 can be used for cleaning purposes in many other industries as well, including:

  • Packaging and Printing
  • Textiles
  • Automotive production and repair
  • Energy and power generation
  • Plastics and metal manufacturing industries
  • Historical recovery and preservation
  • Fire and mold restoration services
  • Industrial equipment maintenance services

How It Works

Dry ice is blasted at supersonic velocities through a nozzle using compressed air technology. These pellets strike the surface to create a temperature shock that freezes the debris, making it brittle. At the same time, the dry ice is then converted instantly back to harmless carbon dioxide gas. As the gas expands, it pulls the frozen debris away from the surface. The contaminating substances are then simply swept up and removed!

There is absolutely no secondary waste. The process is fast, efficient and non-damaging to equipment. In fact, it can even extend the performance life of your machinery, keeping it working at peak efficiency for many years. There isn’t even a need to disassemble equipment to use this process, which increases its utility even more.

Advantages of CO2 Blasting

The use of dry ice cleaning systems is approved by the EPA, USDA and FDA. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and reduces—and even eliminates—exposure to harmful chemicals. It does not release harmful materials into the atmosphere, and it generates no secondary waste. Dry ice cleaning inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria, and is safe to use in almost any facility, including GFSI and AIB certified facilities and food processing facilities. It is an ideal form of cleaning up America’s industry across the board!

If you would like more information about dry ice blasting and how it can help your industry, we are happy to help out. For answers to all of your questions and to get a quote, get in touch with us today!

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