The Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Finding the right industrial cleaning service can be difficult since several considerations must be taken into account including the cost, how long it will take and how effective it will be. While a lot of industrial cleaning services make claims to offer highest quality cleaning at the best price, they often fall short in one way or another. However, there is one type of industrial cleaning service that comes through time and time again: dry ice blasting. Read on to find out the advantages of employing a dry ice blasting service to handle your industrial cleaning jobs.


A large concern of businesses that have a need for industrial cleaning services is how long it will take. Closing down a business for any amount of time costs money, so it is imperative that you get the fastest industrial cleaning service available. One of the biggest advantages of dry ice blasting service is that it takes much less time to complete a cleaning than other cleaning services. Because of the tremendous efficiency of dry ice blasting, cleaning large surfaces and equipment takes a relatively short amount of time when compared to other traditional methods, meaning you can get back to work faster.

Dry Ice Blasting Service is Easy on Your Equipment

There are a variety of blast cleaning techniques on the market. The drawback to many of them, however, is that the substance they use is often very abrasive, potentially causing damage to sensitive equipment and costing you large amounts of money in repair costs. Dry ice blasting, on the other hand, only targets the dirt build up on your surfaces while leaving the surface itself untouched. When you hire a dry ice blasting service to clean your business, you won’t have to worry about any damage to your equipment or surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Dry ice blasting works through the use of frozen CO2 pellets expelled at very high speeds. Unlike other clean services that may employ cleaning materials like sand or harsh chemical solvents, the use of CO2 as with dry ice blasting is much more friendly when it comes time for waste disposal. With sand and solvents there must be a plan for disposal once the cleaning job is finished, but the CO2 pellets evaporate upon contact, completely eliminating any need for clean-up. Additionally, CO2 is non-toxic and is a natural part of the environment, meaning that there are not of the same environmental concerns associated with cleaning services that use chemicals.

The Right Service for Your Business

When you’re looking for the absolute best industrial cleaning service for your business, there are a lot of things you have to think about. You want a service that not only does the job effectively, but is also convenient for you as well as environmentally friendly. As we have seen, dry ice blasting hits the mark in every category. If you’re interested in hiring a dry ice blasting service for your business, then request a quote today from Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta. We offer the highest quality dry ice blasting service available and will clean your business using the newest blasting technology.

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