Why the Food Manufacturing Industry Prefers Dry Ice Blasting

Keeping equipment and surfaces clean is one of the most important parts of the food manufacturing industry. The process of food manufacturing produces a large amount of contaminants that can both infiltrate the food as well as slow down production times, which is why it’s important to employ an industrial cleaning service that clears out contaminants quickly and efficiently. While some traditional methods can be effective, they often are very time consuming and don’t necessarily clean to the level needed in food manufacturing. Keep reading to find out why the food manufacturing industry prefers dry ice blasting to keep food safe over other industrial cleaning methods.

Save on Lost Time

The food manufacturing industry works on efficiency. Taking out time for cleaning massively slows down production and can end up costing a lot of money in lost time, which is why the food manufacturing industry is increasingly turning to dry ice blasting. Because dry ice blasting is so efficient, cleaning times compared to traditional industrial cleaning methods are often much reduced. Dry ice blasting can even be used while ovens are turned on and without any disassembly. What this means, practically, is that dry ice blasting saves the food manufacturing on a great deal of time so that lost production is never an issue.

Keep Food Safe with Dry Ice Blasting

Industrial Cleaning

Having food stay safe from contamination is one of the primary concerns of the food manufacturing industry. Contaminated food can risk the public health and result in a lot of lost money for the producer. Unlike other industrial cleaning methods that use chemicals and sand, dry ice blasting use CO2 pellets that are environmentally friendly and pose no risk of food contamination because they evaporate on contact. In addition, dry ice blasting has been proven as effective in removing salmonella, e. coli and listeria from surfaces, making sure to keep your food safe from dangerous bacteria outbreaks.

Industrial Cleaning and Waste

Managing cleaning costs is a great concern for the food manufacturing industry. An industrial cleaning service that uses methods like sand blasting or cleaning with chemicals produces a lot of waste that requires cleanup, raising water and cleaning costs. Dry ice blasting, however, does not produce excess waste thanks to the CO2 pellets. As discussed above, CO2 pellets evaporate on their own, which means you don’t have to worry about paying extra for waste cleanup. The food manufacturing industry much prefers dry ice blasting because of the lack of excess costs and water usage in waste removal.

Use Dry Ice Blasting in Your Business

Public trust is an important aspect for the food manufacturing industry, and this trust is mostly built through the use of industrial cleaning that keeps food safe and is environmentally freeing. Increasingly, the food manufacturing industry is turning to dry ice blasting as the one stop solution to industrial cleaning needs. Dry ice blasting is much faster than traditional methods, saves on costs and has no risk of contamination. If you’re in the food manufacturing industry and want to use dry ice blasting for your business, then hire Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta. You can visit our website to request a quote and find out what so many other food manufacturers already know about dry ice blasting.

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